iVEND Point of Sale


 Today’s connected consumers demand a personal shopping experience that can only be met when sales associates are no longer tied to the cash register. iVend Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) enables retailers to engage and transact with shoppers from anywhere on the store floor or remotely via any iOS or Android mobile device. With mobile access to all core point of sale and customer service functionality in-store staff can convert more sales without leaving the consumers side. 

iVend Mobile POS


 For retailers with limited floor space, pop-up shops or simply looking to evolve the customer experience and streamline the sales process, iVend mPOS serves the omnichannel retailer with an interactive, mobile point of sale system that combines personalized selling with enterprise-wide inventory visibility, real-time sales data, product availability, customer history, promotions, loyalty points, Buy Online, Pickup In-Store functionality and wireless payments. 

iVend Loyalty



iVend Loyalty is a flexible points & rewards management application that is available both digitally or on a card, with accrual across by points, visits, or purchases, and is redeemable across channels for discounts, gift items or other rewards of the retailer’s choosing.

iVend Loyalty enables retailers to develop deeper relationships with customers with visibility into shopping histories and preferences. Through mobile notifications, digital coupons, and reward points, offer personalized incentivizes for customers to choose your stores. An in-built part of the iVend Retail management suite, iVend Loyalty is also available standalone and can integrate with any other retail application using tools provided with the solution.

iVend Digital Passes


 iVend Passes is a cloud-based application for mobile marketing. Send passes that can be stored in the native digital wallet on a smartphone – like Apple Wallet or Android Pay – to be redeemed at any point of sale.

Send Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Tickets, Gift Cards, Membership Cards, Sales Updates, Offers and geolocation-specific Communications. Available on iOS or Android mobile devices, iVend Passes helps retailers offer targeted and relevant digital offers without the hassle of a custom mobile application. iVend Passes seamlessly integrates with the iVend Retail management suite or can be used with any existing POS system via open APIs.

iVend Reporting and Analytics


 Instantly generate customized reports or utilize 50+ pre-built reports with at-a-glance and drill-down views of your most important retail KPIs. Gain tactical insights to make faster and more effective decisions. iVend Reporting and Analytics can be viewed on-the-go from any iOS or Android device, giving your operations and leadership teams visibility into the sales and inventory data they need, when and where they need it. Knowledge is power. Put your data to work for you to make more informed decisions and optimize the success of your retail organization. 

iVend Retail


 The dream of a retail system where POS and ERP operate in flawless harmony, sharing data, providing unparalleled insight into business operations and inventory, without needing an IT army to make it happen, is possible.

Introducing iVend Retail, a retail management platform designed specifically to make ERP integrations seamless.

Which ERP are you running? Sage, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or any of the other thousands of software systems out there? iVend Retail integrates with all of them.